This is what Democracy Looks Like!

Trump boasts of having started a Movement. Well perhaps the Movement he really started was the one that emerged on Saturday in the March for Women on Washington. People of all sizes, colors and backgrounds showed in record numbers to march in D.C., and most remarkably, around the world!  They marched to stand up for every American disparaged by Trump during the campaign and threatened by Republican policies that are swiftly being put into action.

My favorite chants: “Show me what democracy looks like…This is what Democracy looks like!” and the tear-jerker, “What do we do when women folk are under attack? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK…What do we do when trans folk are under attack, STAND UP, FIGHT BACK…What do we do when Jewish folk are under attack, STAND UP, FIGHT BACK…etc.(naming in turn every group threatened by the new leadership). And of course, my own chant which resonated a couple times: “Women’s work is never done, because women march for EVERYONE!”

I will write more about it in a blog later tonight. But meanwhile…have to run off and call Congress to oppose the appointment of Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education. 202-225-3121. I suggest you read about her and do the same.

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