The author is an attorney and nonprofit management professional who has also worked in for-profit and academic settings during her 25-year career. She has a husband and three boys, teens and preteen. She believes that parenting includes caring about, and contributing to, the community in which you raise your children, and she draws that circle of community widely.

Hello. Thanks for taking a moment to check out what a fellow American mom thinks about parenting, politics, and the potpourri of life. The “mom” part is mostly why I am in the blogosphere. If it happens on the Internet, then it must be true. (Grrr)  My boys will floss regularly if a You Tube video humorously explains why it is important.

So please do a mom a favor and follow me or click “like” on one of my posts every now and then. It lends me something like credibility with my teens and guarantees they will give me a word in edgewise at the dinner table conversation. Otherwise it will be all what Adams says on Adam Ruins Everything. Starting to hate that guy!

If the blogging doesn’t work,  I may well have to start a You Tube channel myself and post videos about how going to bed on time makes you smarter, funnier and more liked by girls. Yes, maybe then somebody will listen to me…

Special Note: This blog has taken a more political turn than I anticipated due to the election upset, November 2016. I would like to blog about Lego, Home Theater, and V-Sauce, to stay up-to-date with my kids’ interests, but we all need to stay up-to-date with our awesome responsibility of self-governance in this great democracy. Blogging helps me digest the news meaningfully and memorably a couple of times per week. And, yes, my kids are paying attention too, as they should. They stand to gain or lose the most by what we do now.