Rule of Law vs. Law and Order. Know the Difference!

A big part of what makes America great is our commitment and adherence to the Rule of Law, starting from our foundational U.S. Constitution to our court systems and down through our local laws and law enforcement. Our rule of law provides a stable environment in which individuals and their civil rights are protected, property rights are secured, and businesses can plan and thrive.

Other countries and cultures have systemic corruption in which bribery of government officials is rampant, or in which might-makes-right through militarized factions. In contrast, our country tends to disdain corruption. Though, shockingly, many Trump supporters are accepting of the fact that Trump defrauded Americans of their life savings through Trump University, violated laws by using the Trump Foundation for personal gain, and is otherwise abusing his office for personal gain.

Trump, however, ran as the Law and Order candidate (a provocative dog whistle) which is different from the Rule of Law. He stirred imaginations to believe that we have significantly increasing crime (we do not), that immigrants are the cause of crime (they are not), that black people live primarily in inner cities (they do not) which are crime infested (they are not), and that police are under attack through a rise in cop murders (they are not).

His response to these fanciful urgencies is authoritarian in nature; build a wall, stop and frisk Americans, stop immigration, use torture. The irony is twofold:

First, Trump’s focus on Law and Order will actually result in decreased law and order. People will stop partnering with police in community policing efforts because trust will be eroded and building a wall may increase crime and terrorism. Also, use of torture makes Americans less safe.

Second, Trump’s leadership rhetoric and Presidential actions are breaking down the Rule of Law in this country and thereby also making us less safe. Trump is threatening the Constitution, eroding people’s trust in mainstream media (Like Hitler’s tactic called Lugenpresse),  eroding our trust in our intelligence community. For this and other reasons that precipitated Trump’s election (like Trump lying about a sitting president’s birth qualification in an effort to wrongfully undermine his presidency), America has been downgraded to a “Flawed Democracy”. Americans no longer trust their institutions.

Meanwhile, rich people are preparing for the worst and scientists are moving the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight.

Disruption is not sound public policy. It is chaos. The anarchists who disrupted Trump’s Inauguration ceremonies last week were nothing in comparison to Trump himself.




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