Peaceful Protest, Strategic Resistance.

Some have said that political protests will die down as people wear out. I think people are just getting started. Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 4, there is a rally in Scoville Park (Oak Park) related to Immigration/Refugees (noon to 2 pm) as well as a demonstration at Daley Plaza, Saturday Feb 4, to support Standing Rock and Clean Water (at 1 pm). 

Meanwhile, in the last week, five of my friends who had not yet started any political action, who took a pass on the March for Women, are now asking, “What can I do?” and “Where do I sign up?” And those people who went to the march? They did not go as a one-time balm to their election day pain, they were going because the new reality requires a response, a sustained response.  I rode the bus with determined women. Some had physical limitations which made the overnight rides and daytime treks challenging, but they were willing to tough it out because they love their country more than any one President or Congress.

People are just now starting to exercise their full participation in our shared democracy. And by exercising we get stronger and can go longer. (So long as our protests remain peaceful, unlike the anarchists who disrupted Inauguration Day and Berkeley, to avoid an increase in authoritarian response).

At the end of the day, protesting is only one piece of the puzzle. We need to protest peacefully and also resist strategically. What can we do?

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