Take Heart – Yes We Can

Today we can be glad that federal judges are protecting our Constitutional rights. But meanwhile, what can you and I do to help too?

I previously shared some of my favorite links to help Americans fight for the integrity of our great nation. Friends have since shared some additional resources:

  • Read this uplifting article in The Nation with their favorite links to action-oriented groups and web resources.
  • Attend the Pro-Choice Rally and March to support Planned Parenthood – this Saturday, February 11 at  11 am in Oak Park (Scoville Park at the corner of Lake Street and Oak Park Avenue).
  • Also see upcoming protests and rallies in Chicagoland in this new online resource, PersistList.org
  • Consider 5calls.org or DailyAction.org for easy grassroots political action (more effective than signing online petitions or liking a post on Facebook).
  • Stay abreast of local politics with this In These Times series on Illinois Budget Crisis.


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