Her Body, Her Choice! Act Now in Illinois

If someone tells you they are pro-life, then I think it is fair to say, “Happy to hear that, then I presume you also support resettling refugees from war-torn countries, and you agree with ObamaCare (ACA) to make sure 45,000 Americans do not die every year due to lack of health insurance, you did not support the killing  and injury of more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians in our misguided war, and you believe that protecting our environment is critical to saving lives too (237,000 annually by year 2020). Fantastic. If you are pro-life, then be pro-life.

If, however, you see that gag rules and prohibiting abortion (such as Trump’s Executive Order overseas) only succeed in increasing abortions and endangering the liberty and health of women, and if you see that services such as education and access to birth control are the  most effective ways to decrease abortions, then please read on.

Illinois law will automatically make abortion a criminal act the moment Federal law changes. Pending legislation (HB40 in Illinois) and hearings are needed to change that. Please act now to fill out  a witness slip for the Feb 8 Health and Human Services Committee Hearing. Click on the witness slip icon for Sara Feigenholtz “Abortion-Various”, select Proponent, Enter NA for organization and title, select Record of Appearance only instead of oral or written statement. This mimics as if you actually showed up at the public hearing to show your support. Your name and home town might be read aloud into the record of the hearing. After Feb 8, continue to put pressure on the Illinois House to pass this bill. Spread the word. 

We cannot return to the days when women were unable to legally discuss health options with their trusted doctors. And we should not back away from respecting a woman’s privacy and empowering her to make decisions for her own body and health. At the Women’s March in Washington, I loved the moment when women chanted “My Body, My Choice” and the men around us responded, “Her Body, Her Choice”.  Well said.

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