Time Travelers Didn’t Do It, So We Have To!

My thirteen year old was looking forward to Inauguration Day when many others couldn’t. He theorized that it would be a good day to look for time travelers sent here to stop a Trump Presidency. I didn’t have the heart to tell my young budding scientist that a Trump presidency may set science back and may be the time ripple that stops breakthroughs in time travel altogether  (or clean energy, clean water, clean air).  Our future selves are the most at risk from this Presidency and Congress. Either they couldn’t come or they failed in their mission. So we head to D.C. on a bus filled with women (see Why Women’s Rights are Human Rights)  as I write this…to be seen, to protest, to inspire and be inspired. To begin. After all, we are traveling through time just now, not just Illinois. And tomorrow we are our future selves. So we time travelers can still do something about it.

As we consider the future, let’s remember wisdom from the past. I invite you to read these telling quotes ( http://www.notable-quotes.com/a/addams_jane.html) from social justice reformer, Jane Addams.

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