What Would MLK Do? Or Maybe Even Popovic? Or You?

As we commemorate Martin Luther King Jr., let us consider what he would do if faced with our current political situation. I invite you to read this terrific article from CNN, “How MLK Can Get You Out of Your Trump Slump.

I am also currently reading Blueprint for Revolution, gifted to me for Christmas. This book by modern revolutionary Srdja Popovic, reminds us to use fun and engaging methods to build support and move people. His book cover elaborates: “How to use rice pudding, Lego men and other nonviolent techniques to galvanize communities, overthrow dictators, or simply change the world.”

Organizing around a cause gives us unprecedented opportunitites to engage with vibrant ideas and people. Let’s make this time in our lives transcend the unproductive anger or depressive apathy that is still pervasive post election.

One quirky thing I have been doing, which has been a hoot and lifts my spirits, is that every time I get a sales call I ask, “what state are you calling from?” and something like “what are the politics like in your state?” Charities know better than to advocate politics, but even with them I say, “before you finish your piece, I would like you to hear mine,” and I ask them to register to vote, to make sure their friends register to vote, and to read multiple news sources before they make up their mind about news. This started when I felt helpless in my “blue state” about being able to connect with people in “red states”, until it occured to me that sometimes they are coming to me! Not a single person has taken offense and some folks have said some amazing things.

So what are you reading or doing that is giving you a lift? Please share your ideas.

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