Love American Style: Two videos for the week of Valentine’s Day

I have been enjoying talking with fellow Americans lately, and I am falling in love again.

Yes, national Republicans make me angry for allowing President Trump to bring authoritarianism and bigotry to the White House. Yes, my local Democrats drive me crazy with machine politics, and party patronage. But the March for Women in Washington DC sparked our deep love for this country, for our freedoms, and for each other, as we marched from our hearts and waved at police officers as if they were on parade.

Anger also sparks and spreads. In fact the internet can speed this process. WATCH:This Video Will Make you Angry“(7 min.)  It explains why it was so easy for lies and fake news to spread, for Russia to wage a disinformation campaign, and for the Alt-Right to stir the pot of hatred.

So let’s reset with a little Love American Style. Let’s find what we can agree on, so we can stop the symbiotic relationship of angry thought germs. Let’s call a time out whenever someone uses personal insults, and let’s learn how to argue constructively about real issues.

Everyone who has ever fallen in love (with a person, a hobby, a job) knows that it gives you superpowers, and radiates around you. So let’s all fall in love right now. Find something about this country you absolutely adore (I love George Washington for handing back control to Congress when they might have made him king) and wear it as a talisman against the angry thought germs.

Then, for good measure, settle in for this romance video, a personal favorite; WATCH: “The Dot and the Line“(9 min.).  Perhaps we can all learn to bend a little to become a better us.

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