Man on the Street: Political Revelations

My man on the street conversations today netted these two recommendations that I am passing on to you:

The New Yorker article that sums up Trumps first week as President-elect. to help you triangulate the news on social media, best stuff bubbles up.

….So I am still striking up political conversations with people I don’t know, everyday since the election. I ask what they think about it all. Here is what they are saying…

With Trump supporters I share Trump’s bigotry, hate speech, propaganda. They seem a little surprised, sheepish, thoughtful. The IT, former Navy guy voted for Carson in the Primary but then, when it came to the general election he said, “well I have voted Republicans all my life”. He added, “I hope his business acumen will help”. Hope is like mere wishing about a guy whose business ventures led to multiple bankruptcies. And if he does have what it takes to be successful, that is worse because he will successfully set back gains in civil rights, income equality, and American ideals and moral authority.

Another IT guy did not admit to voting for Trump but said he could not get over Hillary’s email server. I agree, and posted previously that I believe she needed to have strengthened Department of State practices, not negotiated them for her convenience. I actually kind of ranted at him about Trump and he actually listened really well to my concerns. Ultimately he said this country is divided. So I did not win him over, but hopefully planted seeds.

My Iowa guy friend said “Trump voters are not racist,” that the media only “talked about personality, not issues.” And as to issues, he felt we should enforce laws when it comes to immigrants. I agreed that media and American commentators should have moved past personality quirks and focused on how the quirks aren’t quirks at all, but rather evidence of what kind of legal and policy issues the president would lead or enforce.

With Hillary voters I get folks who know they need to be politically active, but residing in a blue state stalls their thinking. Most are alarmed by unfolding news (like the Attorney General appointment today, more racists in power). A couple of them said, well at least he won fair and square, referring to the electoral college rules. But I say that someone who lied their way to the presidency did not win fair and square.



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