What You Can Do to Restore Balance to the Force…

Democratic action you can take immediately!

  1.  Donate NOW or otherwise support Foster Campbell for U.S. Senate in Louisiana’s Dec. 10 run-off election. This will help to (almost) balance the Senate.
  2. Book a Bus seat or use other means of transport to get yourself to the Women’s March on Washington, Saturday, January 21, 2017 (leave Friday night and home by Sunday morning)
  3. Write to your Congressman (and ask your friends in other districts to do the same) to oppose the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.
  4. Register to vote now. Talk it up, ask people if they are registered. Don’t wait until mid-term elections, send a signal now that we are watching Washington.
  5. Read 5 Ways to Fight Against Trump

Be the change you want to see in the world!

  1. Spot and Stop Bigotry every chance you get. Hate crimes are up. (See also a Chicago Tribune article). Study the Anti-Defamation League pyramid of hatred.
  2. Support Freedom of the Press! Subscribe today to the New York Times, Washington Post… Follow Rachel Maddow (who does great research). Or consider supporting the Arizona Republic that bravely endorsed Hillary Clinton and then faced violent threats because of it.
  3. Ask people what they think about politics. Find ways to agree. Find ways to educate.
  4. Encourage non-violent protest to limit governmental clamp down.
  5. Inoculate yourself against Propaganda.

Circle the wagons

  1. Secure passports NOW for every member of your family
  2. Consider if you need to place some assets outside the country
  3. Watch your back with privacy issues, Read Dragnet Nation.

Put on your Oxygen Mask

  1. Make sure to schedule fun time and/or political time to stay relaxed.
  2. Write three unique gratitudes per day for the next 21 days to increase your health and happiness.
  3. Sleep, eat and exercise well. You need your fighting strength. You are in training, young padawan, to restore balance to the Force.


3 thoughts on “What You Can Do to Restore Balance to the Force…

  1. Excellent piece on propaganda! Thanks. For my part, I watch out for emotionally charged words or concepts that are frequently linked together with innocent people or concepts in the same sentence or breath. Like Hillary/prison or Immigrant/criminal. Almost every speech in the Republican National Convention used this technique, juxtaposing innocent with ugly concepts to create a mental association. Very misleading. Reminded me of Fox news mamangement memos years ago when they asked all their correspondents to use similar slogans and sayings throughout the daily news cycle in order to sway viewers to a certain point of view.


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