Trump studies Hitler…History Repeats Itself

Ever since Donald Trump’s hate-filled RNC speech I have been on alert about his Hitler-like rhetorical style and strategy. His speech was hateful, divisive, and loaded with scapegoating. Sound familiar? He ramped up after the convention, branching out from hating Mexicans and Muslims, to hating media, American generals, Jews (banking conspiracy ads and linking Star of David with Hillary). Now that he was elected, Trump has appointed a White Nationalist as his Chief Strategist (yes, we are talking White Supremacists here).

So why am I surprised to have just learned that Trump kept Hitler’s speeches at his bedside for frequent reading?

What you can do:

A friend passed me this link which aired before the tail end of the election: Keith Olbermann’s 176 Reasons Donald Trump Should not be President. Listen. Quiver. Then get busy.

Tell at least two people you don’t know about how Trump projects his weakness as his opponents weakness, how he scapegoats, how he lies. Tell peopel how Trump has been studying Hitler for a long time, and how he is likely to abuse and exercise power accordingly.



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