March for Truth, Our American Integrity

Join the March for Truth tomorrow, Saturday, June 3, to protect our Democracy, 11 am Federal Plaza, Chicago.

Why march?  On the way to the Science March I met a young woman styled upscale on the el train who smirked at the idea of marching. “Is that because you are a Trump supporter, or that you agree with the direction of our nation’s leadership right now?” I asked. “No”, she said, “I just don’t want to get stressed out.”  I responded that doing something about it keeps me from being stressed out. Helps me sleep like a baby knowing I am doing what I can.

She added that things will work out for good in the long run. I said, “sure there is ebb and flow to good times and dark times. But the dark times don’t have to happen on my watch. And I would rather have 400 years of a strong democracy than settle for 200.”

But finally she revealed a more cynical  reason she is not taking action. She believes that everyone is already corrupt. “If he shows his taxes, who is to say it is even accurate?” Assuming even tax agents are bought.  This means accepting all the conspiracy of lies told about Hillary, media, and government institutions by Trump and Neo Republicans.  This is their strategy to neutralize criticism of  themselves.

If we accept the idea of widespread corruption, lies, and conflicts of interest of the Trump Administration, then we might as well live in Russia.

“America is special”, I told this young woman. We live by the rule of law. We care, or we used to care, that our leaders tell the truth. Demand it. Now.

P.S. The young woman seemed swayed finally after I told her that we could stand back and watch a toddler at the edge of a cliff. Maybe she’ll fall, maybe not. But it is for the good in the long run. Eh? Or we could go take the toddler’s hand and redirect her away from the edge. Because we can. I also suggested that the young woman may yet find some simple, special or powerful way to make a difference. I encouraged her to find it. I encourage you. I am still finding my way to the toddler’s side myself.

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