The President’s Most Powerful Weapons: Words

In the second Presidential debate,  Donald Trump excused his tape-recorded conversation boasting of sexual aggression toward women as “locker room talk”, and stated that his “words” were nothing compared with Bill Clinton’s action. Since then many women have come forward to share about his acts against them, more than mere words.

But let’s focus just on the words for a moment and consider if lewd talk of this nature is okay because it is just talk. If we should dimsiss Trump’s lewd comments as just words, well then, the debate is just words, so why did they continue talking after that. Sexual harasmment laws? Just words. Heck, even the Constituion and the Bible are just words. In fact, why lambast Clinton about her lost personal emails; they were just words too.

In fact, a president’s first and most powerful weapon is words. Winning hearts and minds starts with words, followed shortly by deeds.

I have been very impressed with Hillary Clinton’s words in this presidential contest. In the first debate she said words matter and asked world leaders to hear her now, that our country would stand by its word. Thank you Hillary for deescalating Donald’s reckless rhetoric right there on the debate floor.




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