Seriously, Can the Internet Raise My Kids?

So I may have been half joking about my desire to drift into auto-pilot parenting in a previous post. And yet, a whole generation of children were raised on  Sesame Street by moms and caregivers who sat them down in front of the TV, to everyone’s advantage. Who am I to call that wrong?

So let’s embrace what the internet can do for us parents…even as we scratch our heads over internet safety with our kids.

  • When kids persistently ask you, why is the sun yellow? Send them to VSauce (our favorite!), or Minute Earth.
  • When kids get too hyper, and sending them outside to run it off isn’t an option, have them visit Deepak Chopra (even for a good giggle if they can’t take it seriously), or turn on the Calm app.
  • They can even have the internet read to them if they say they are too tired to read the homework texts.
  • No need to squabble about age appropriateness of movies when you can see common sense movie reviews from parents.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then the internet is fair game.

What are your favorite sites?


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