Trump’s Corruption Needs a Correction

My garbage man says that Trump is a billionaire so he can’t be bought, and thus is not corruptible. Did it occur to him that Trump may not need to be bought in order to be corrupt?

Trump has lived his life in service to Trump, and he is already using his elected position for personal gain.

In just these first few weeks as President-Elect, he has already avoided the press corp which can both keep him accountable and help him communicate in emergencies, ignored security briefings which are necessary to prepare him for office, and ignored is own transition team’s efforts to teach him. Instead he has:

1. asked U.K. leaders to block construction of windmills in view of Trump’s golf course (something Trump previously fought to the highest court in England, and lost),

2. asked Argentinian leader to help Trump’s building project get building permits in Argentina,

3. interrupted transition activity to meet with Indian businessmen on project that would pay royalty money directly to Trump, and

4.  broke with protocol and met privately with Japanese leader and Trump’s daughter Ivanka who had business to discuss.

Also, it is speculated that his politically controversial call with the leader of Taiwan may have been prompted by economic/business interests of his Trump organization.

If Hillary Clinton had done any one of these corrupt things, he would have demanded to “lock her up!”  If your local politicians had done it you would demand they resign.

His refusal to release his taxes was the first sign that he did not intend to behave ethically. Now he is behaving unconstitutionally, with intent to violate the highest laws of the land.

What you can do:

  • Read the excellent letter by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) and U.S. Congressman, Elijah Cummings, and their call for a government audit of Trump’s conflicts of interest and investigation of his use of unsecured lines to make transition calls to heads of state.
  • Contact the Government Accountability Office to note that you “support an investigation into the appropriateness of Trump’s use of tax payer dollars toward the presidential transition, and an audit of all potential conflicts of interest.”
  • Write to your U.S. Congressmen to demand action to protect our country from despot leaders.


It’s a Wonderful Life. You stand between Bedford Falls and Pottersville

As an uplifting exercise this post-election season, I recommend you revisit the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life. I just watched it with my 10-year old, a five-tissue event.

It puts Trump’s cabinet pick for Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin into perspective. He is the evil, profiteering Mr. Potter. His bank OneWest, under his leadership, was called a “foreclosure machine” following the recession. And Trump’s decision to put him into a position of power is moving us closer to a Pottersville nation.

See the Trump voter who “felt sick” when she realized that Trump just appointed the guy who acted like Mr. Potter toward her and her fellow citizens by greatly profiting from tricking people into losing their homes and taking tax dollars to do it.

Write to your U.S. Senator, and ask your Republican and Democratic friends to write to their U.S. Senators, to block the appointment of Steven Mnuchin.