Voting Coronavirus Style


Voted today. Was greeted behind glass, then funneled straight to a padded elevator with disinfectant spray, tissues, and waste can. No lines. Practically no people.

I voted for Elizabeth Warren in the democratic primary for president despite her campaign’s suspension.  She was the quality candidate.

My vote was a message. We deserve a leader who combines all the qualities we need–presidential temperament, vision, values, smarts and stamina–to meet these times.  Also, I deserve a chance to vote for a woman. And, my country deserves female leadership.

My message rings hollow, though, like an echo across the empty voting hall. It is hard to make forward progress, especially in times of crisis which make us run back to home base. There will always be a crisis that sets us back. Coronavirus infecting our bodies. Trumpian virus infecting our hearts and minds.

Voting for male candidates feels safe. But we don’t need safe. We need solutions. We need lasting positive change.


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