President Obama’s Farewell Sparks our Democracy Hello

This evening’s Presidential Farewell Address by President Barack Obama reminds us that democracy requires each of us to participate. For the moment, I think that means paying attention to the confirmation hearings for every single cabinet pick and writing to our Senators and talking to our friends and neighbors about them. I invite you to start by reading and sharing these many (too many) good reasons to oppose the appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General written by one of the 1,400 law professors nationwide who warn of his appointment.



2 thoughts on “President Obama’s Farewell Sparks our Democracy Hello

  1. Thanks for your honest commentary. I believe a good number of his voters are probably already aware of their mistake. Many of them probably do not yet understand the full scope of their mistake. Meanwhile, I wonder if they will see their mistake as confined to Trump or realize that the angry space created by Republican politicians and right-wing news outlets over the years have sown the seeds of his victory. Hopefully they (just enough of them to make a difference) will be more wide-eyed in future about all of their voting choices, regardless of party.


  2. Since the election, I find it incredibly difficult to engage in the transition process. I have been beaten down by the realization that Trump seems to be covered in Teflon and no matter what he says or does, or who in the media reports on it, there is no backlash of support or indignation from the slightly less than half the population that voted for him. I understand how truly frightening my attitude is if widely adopted. I appreciate your effort and sentiments.


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