Your News, My News: Let’s Swap

First off, please read Evan McMullin’s Trump’s Threat to the Constitution. In my “man on the street” conversation today, I mentioned this article to a gentleman who then admitted to me that he voted for McMullin for President.

That same man recommended that I read the Federalist article about the John Doe investigations in Wisconsin. Let’s call it OPTION A. He was disturbed by Democrats searching Republican homes with “early morning raids”. So I read it tonight prepared to be horrified.

Then I read from other news sources and discovered that there was a lot more to the story; bipartisan prosecutors, serious allegations against Scott Walker, Koch Brothers and big money involvement,  self-interested State Supreme Court judges, laws governing John Doe investigations, etc. Poor Wisconsin. How could Hillary think she was a shoe-in?

I found articles that focused mainly on Scott Walker corruption, and also others that focused only on people whose homes were searched in the probe.  Here is the best article I found that touches on both: “Bipartisan Prosecutors Call Scott Walker a Liar for His Attacks on Corruption Probe”. Let’s call it OPTION B.

So what is the truth? If I had read only OPTION A, I might be just as astounded as the gentleman on the train today. I might want to go investigate this myself to stop such atrocities (like the shooter who believed the fake news about the pizzeria)

OPTION B, though it has a slant, reads more fairly to me than OPTION A, and offers up more verifiable facts, rather than mere hyperbole. Meanwhile, Option A sounds especially angry and paranoid. And it is true that conservative news articles that I read tonight omitted facts about the bipartisan nature of the investigations and the level of corruption alleged.

So I choose OPTION B as closer to the truth, to save myself from continuing to search for more news sources until I can be even more certain. Truth is tenuous, and it is tedious. And I am tired.

But at least now I am more educated. And if I see that man tomorrow I can let him know that I respected his request to read the article. Maybe he has since read McMullin’s too?

2 thoughts on “Your News, My News: Let’s Swap

  1. Truth is best understood in person. We visited the state capital buidling in Madison, WI a year ago (part of our “tour America” family trips) and we saw a man singing School House Rock and other songs in protest to Scott Walker and one of the corrupt (his words) State Supreme Court Justices. Cool acoustics in the dome. We found out that he and others had been keeping up a vigiil of protest for four years now, every day around lunch time, following the ACT 10 vote. I told my kids, “that’s democracy in action”. But what I failed to do is show them democracy. His protest should have led me to learn more about it. Protesting only works if people are willing to take a moment to listen to each other. Democracy requires a two-way exchange.


  2. Your daily research astounds and encourages me. For months, I have been saying that perception is reality, and facts are relative. If I hear or read a story, my first inclination now is to doubt its veracity. Which becomes tedious and, unfortunately, makes me very cynical. And sometimes a story cannot be verified, yet its believers won’t be swayed – take the fake Pizzagate story and the very real gunman. Today, more than ever before, we all must be vigilant defenders of the “truth.”


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