Call for an Audit of Election Results: Rule Out Foreign Interference

Posted: Nov 23, 2016. Polls help us keep elections honest, accountable, and yet this year they were off by a lot in key counties for the Presidential election on Nov 8. Everyone strived to justify the polling gap. But now computer scientists are questioning election results from computer-reliant counties in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

1. Support Jill Stein’s effort to file for a vote audit in WI, PA and MI.  Read her press release. She has standing to file, but does not have deep pockets to pay for fees and legal support like other candidates. Let’s back her efforts to restore integrity and confidence in our elections!

2. Sign the petition to ask for an Audit of Election Results. Also see other steps you can take to ensure everyone’s voice counts, and every vote is counted.

3. Call the Department of Justice today! (DOJ)  at 202-353-1555 and ask our government to fully audit the voting results. If you get a busy signal, keep trying. Try the alternative number 202-514-2000, option 4.  I also sent a note to the DOJ using its online comment form. I tagged the category as National Security and here is what I said:

“URGENT: We must lay to rest questions of foreign interference in our election process. It is a matter of national security to investigate thoroughly the findings of computer scientists that the presidential election results for several counties in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan are suspect. This is especially critical considering our current President-Elect invited Russia to hack his political opponent and has broken with ethical standards for presidential transparency by not releasing his taxes and by not stepping aside from his personal foreign business dealings while planning for his transition to the Presidency. We cannot let our highest office in the land be corrupted or co-opted by foreign interference in American elections. Please audit the voting machines in suspect counties.”


Recall that the U.S. government has already declared that Russia interfered with the election by hacking emails, we also know that Russia has paid trolls to plant misinformation and clutter social media with an intent to interfere with American elections, confidence, and outcomes. See also. See also.

We also know that voting machines have flaws and have been under scrutiny (remember the 2000 election when Gore’s counts were impossibly going down as votes were counted on election night) and that questionable computer election results  skew toward Republicans.

See also the movie at called “Free for All: One Dude’s Quest to Save Democracy”.




2 thoughts on “Call for an Audit of Election Results: Rule Out Foreign Interference

  1. We supported Jill Stein’s fundraising efforts. While we have no illusions that the outcome will be different, at least additional scrutiny will be paid to the 3 most surprising results. And we will know for sure that the votes were correctly tallied – or, at least, no untoward interference could be detected.

    It sickens me to see the President-Elect’s reaction to this…the fact that he lost the popular vote by nearly 2.5 million and claims he “would have won” that vote but for the “illegal” votes cast. No to mention his business conflicts. Keep up this blog, Citizen Stacy – great info, and ways to stay sane and safe in this new era.


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