Dejected American Voters: Don’t Get Depressed, Get Busy

Today, as I was implementing portions of the family civics plan (first step: combat bigotry whenever you can) I spoke out loud on the train this morning: “Excuse me, does everyone know that Trump just appointed a White Nationalist as his Chief Strategist?” Many vigorous nods, some surprised faces, people of color were not even fazed (apparently this election did not come as a surprise to them). “Well we all need to know” I continue, “We can’t rely on people knowing through the internet or news. We must keep watch. Tell at least two people about it today.” I am rattled but, by saying it, I feel better all at once.

While I sit there marinating in the alarming notion that I may be devolving into a train-crazy (the other day I caught myself muttering under my breath audibly), suddenly the guy right next to me shares that his 75-year old mom has been busy every day since the election, and has him working hard too. She is an organizer. He shares a link he discovered for and we swap contact info.

This weekend a friend mentioned the upcoming Women’s March on Washington Saturday, January 21, 2017 (please plan to join me and bring your friends!).

My husband passed me a link you will want to read: 5 Ways to Fight Against Trump (Did you know there is a Senate seat still up for election?)

By the weekend I will share more details about the family plan to hunker down for a Trump Presidency.  Some of it might surprise you…Stay tuned.

What else have you thought of to get busy?! Please comment.

4 thoughts on “Dejected American Voters: Don’t Get Depressed, Get Busy

  1. Thanks, Dyanarama! I made the edit. I suspect it will be way more than a million anyway. But only if you–and I mean all of you out there–make it so. Rock Houston! Rock Washington!


  2. Thanks for the brave example! Upon doing some reading, it looks as if the Million Women March was changed to the Women’s March on Washington (due to some cultural appropriation conflicts), but the march still holds true to its cause, standing up for women and human rights! I will join a group in the Houston area, and if there is none, I will start one! Join the cause! Keep fighting!

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  3. Thanks for the brave example! It looks as if the name for the Million Women March was changed to Women’s March on Washington due to some cultural appropriation conflicts from previous marches/protests. I want to lead a march in the Houston area. I encourage all to participate. Join the cause!


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