Post-Election Fallout: Days 1 through 4

Day 1 post-election was probably the closest we will come to the Zombie Apocalypse: commuters with no smiles, coworkers dazed and confused, many outright weeping.

Day 2 was not much better and it was still difficult to get email responses from coworkers (were they still crying in bathrooms or nursing headaches and stomach aches?)

On Day 3 the nightmares started. The cockroach-like creatures were invading the tissues of our hearts, leaving a shiny tasty residue that would attract more creatures to lay their eggs and spawn millions more.

Promising note, however: I am talking to people, sales clerks, etc., and they want to talk about politics. They want to know more. Their eyes open like saucers when I share some basic facts that they were too busy to hear or learn before the election. I offer to stop talking and move along and they say things like, “it’s okay, I’ve got all day” or “”no worries, my coworker will handle the line”. We hard-working Americans are not always tuned in. We need to be. Now people want to be. I need to blog for real now, I guess.

By Day 4, I woke with a start when I realized that Trump was really elected and this was not just a dream. So today I actually wanted to stay in my dreams. I have a Bar Mitzvah to celebrate. I can’t think about Trump today. Tomorrow we will regroup and form a plan.



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