Do You Want Change in Washington?

A woman I admire just told me her ingenius method of early voting. Disgusted by how women have been treated in this election…leading off with the policial persecution of Hillary Clinton (if she had been a Rebuplican man during a Republican-controlled Congress, she would not be continually investigated for doing her job. Certainly Colin Powell was not investigated for using personal email to communicate), and capped off by the way Trump supporters shrug off his hateful and degrading comments about women… she decided that she does indeed want change in Washington.

Her solution? She voted for every female candidate on the ballot. This offended my son who argues that it is dangerous to vote blindly. Yes, indeed, however many people are blindly following Trump for the mere want of change in Washington. If everyone voted in women, up and down the ballot on November 8th, we would definitely see a change in Washington, and it would not be half as reckless as voting for Trump.

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